Monday, May 16, 2011

Restore Me Jesus

This past month has been super difficult for me.  With everything that is going on in my life -- it brought this song "Restore Me Jesus",  to my mind.  I love this song  because it has so much meaning.  I don't know if you can relate with me on this....there are times no matter what you do or what you say.....there is someone putting you down / pulling you down....& lets face it -- we are made of flesh & blood....we are only's normal to cry...feel sad...feel upset....BUT that doesn't take away from the person you are trying to become or the goals you are trying to achieve.....everyone has good days and everyone has bad days....but it's up to you to allow those bad days to keep you down & keep you from moving have your cry......yell out loud....but once you've done that....pick yourself up & start running forward!

There is a verse in this song that goes.....only YOU understand my one else feels what I feel.....whenever I am going through storms in my life.....I know that there is only one person that understands my pain....that is God.......&  no one else feels what I feel....maybe you've experience's okay.....just don't stop living......don't stop looking forward towards the future...

Crying or feeling sad isn't going to make you less of a person.....we have emotions we have to express.....but don't allow it to stop you from picking yourself up & moving forward into making a Change in Your Life!

I can personally tell you that I know Jesus Restores Me.....I know that everything happens for a purpose....& it can only make me a stronger person....remember as you get closer to reaching your goals &'ll hit some bumps along the way....just don't let those bumps STOP you!!

Credits: Restaurame - Yadira Coradin

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  1. I found you through MoM Blogger Club and I am sooo glad I did. I am in love with your blog. Please keep writing. :o)

    I would love it if you would add me to your blogs as well.